How It All Came to Be (not)

in Pictures                



Everybody has to start somewhere. Read&Delete began with the same imagination that brought us the Industrial Revolution. Sort of.  



All you need is a dream.. or talent...or something different. 


We all pay our dues- one way or another.


If you can make it on the road- the Internet is a piece of cake.


Merchandising- the key to success!



They give you a star, pat you on the back.... and then they kill you. 


A show is a show, regardless of venue.... sooner or later they all run together. 



Friends come and go-- but enemies accumulate! 



Just as popular with the folks on the Right as well as the Left.  


You gotta keep up with the times! 



As usual the critics rave.........



  The Read&Delete is nothing if not a forward-thinking entity. Maybe there is a future in politics